SALES & MARKETING - NFP - Full or part-time.

An invitation to become engaged with registered charity, Disability Life Enrichment Ltd.
Applications are invited for a person with proven sales skills to engage
with businesses and community organisations in the promotion of CATALINA FUNCTION CENTRE,
as a venue for conferences, social events and a fully accessible holiday accommodation destination.

This appointment may be a multi-faceted position. 

We also seek a manager who will also be responsible for
  • Overseeing the support staff at the centre
  • Marketing of the property to a diverse clientele.
Target markets will include
  • Seniors groups
  • Social clubs
  • Schools, churches
  • Travel agents
  • Special events coordinators
This commercial activity is to generate income to fund the primary Mission of providing
 a short-term stay resort for people with disabilities.
We invite applications from persons with relevant experience, to assist our
growing organisation meet the objectives as outlined above.  We are
flexible.  The job role calls for agility, and the responsibilities will be
tailored to suit the successful applicant. 

Remuneration and job specification by negotiation. 

Please respond in writing to tell us of your interest,
David Hagen,
Managing Director.
0418 684 500