FRESH BOUNTY: Disability Life Enrichment volunteer Lyall Ball, left, delivers mangoes to

Soul Cafe manager Wendy Mooney and her assistants this week.

FORGET Christmas cake, Australians would much prefer to munch on a delicious mango over the festive season.
At least that’s the theory of the Rathmines-based group Disability Life Enrichment.
Eight volunteers – all retirees – recently completed the organisation’s annual mango project.
That involves driving to a farm near Townsville, in north Queensland, picking nine tonnes of
mangoes, washing and packing them, then distributing them to various charities between Lake
Macquarie and Brisbane.
“We hope to brighten the lives of people with disabilities,” DLE’s David Hagen said.
“Nursing homes, disability carers, and food distribution charities were the beneficiaries of the
“Organisations included The House With No Steps, Catholic Care, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Life
Without Barriers, Soul Café, and many others in regional areas.”
Hunter organisations who shared in the bounty included Ability Links (Lake Macquarie),
Endeavour Group (Lake Macquarie), Southlake Carers (Morisset), Mai-Wel (Telarah), New Lake
Peer Support (Merewether), Dolleina (Toronto) and Horizons (Fennell Bay).
“Special thanks to the farmers up north who donated their crop to this project, specifically for the
benefit of the underprivileged in our communities,” Mr Hagen said.
“Their generosity is much appreciated, as without their donation and the help from the volunteers
this project would not have been possible.”